…And the Stone Communicated with Him


Tired and dejected, the warrior sat on the stone piece below the tree.

Looking to the setting sun he was enjoying the beauty of the nature.

He was trying to forget all his worries, agonies and states of stupor.

Forgetting all tension he was trying to love his life in a beautiful manner.

He was thinking about his problems and the problems agitating his family, organization,  society and the Globe.

He was trying to derive solutions to all those problems by sitting still.

After a considerable time his mind became serene and tranquil.

He loved the stone piece with his heart and soul over which he was sitting.

The stone piece perfectly communicated and he forgot all his tiredness.

He saw life inside the stone piece and was completely merged inside it.

There was a perennial flow of love between the stone and him.

By the love he enjoyed the beauty of life and was merged in serenity and tranquility.

Inside the stone piece he felt the presence of the divine.

The communication from the divine was beautifying his life and he was feeling serene.

The vibrations of the stone was vibrating his brain, body and mind.

Being in communion with the stone in each cell of his body he felt the presence of the divine.

With a deep insight he looked to the nature.

By a long period of communication with the stone he was bestowed with the divine powers.

He was merged in higher philosophy of life and was feeling inside all cheers.

Getting all essence and comparing his life with the stone piece he was listening to its whispers.

The language of the stone was enthralling and heart throbbing.

By the silent communication of the stone he was getting life’s deep meaning.

He was feeling his life like a stone piece which has to forbear all the adversities.

Overcoming all the challenges of life he was to live with peace, prosperity and beauty.

The warrior felt all coldness inside the stone and in his brain, body and mind he felt cold flow of divine current.

The moon had appeared on the sky and the nature was extremely silent.

Out of that silence he was viewing the busy and chaotic world outside.

Realizing the divine beauty and nature inside him he was filling pity for it.

He prayed the divine to fill the life of all with peace and prosperity.

Let all feel divine forgetting all there worries and anxieties.

Let the flow of divine current merge all in serenity and tranquility.

In the Global village let all love each other and live with universal brotherhood.

There was a considerable calmness in the warrior’s mind.

He felt the silent vibrations of the stone inside him.

With each vibration he felt rejuvenated and refreshed.

Offering his gratitude to the stone he was returning home with courage and confidence.

The inert things also communicate with us and help us.

The warrior loved all things and beings in a more beautiful manner.

Out of love there emancipated a great meaning of life and he forgot all states of stupor.

Remembering the stone piece and merging inside the nature’s beauty he advanced with a grater zeal and vigor.

The stone piece remained in his mind all the time shining by the moon and the stars.

Loving life he was feeling all beauty inside and was merged in all cheers.

From the stone piece he was deriving all stillness and calmness.

Feeling a invigorating love inside he was advancing with courage and confidence.

Fulfilling all his hopes and dreams he was trying to live a life of his choice.

Sitting on the stone piece he was forgetting all his worries and was getting life’s essence.

He was thankful to the entire creation of God and in everything and being he found divine presence.

By loving all and serving all he lived with peace,prosperity and abundance getting Almighty’s grace.

Top Of The Rock by Bobby Mikul
Sad Man by George Hodan

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