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Living Off the Grid | This is a place where positive and kindhearted environmentalists continue to structure foundations of sustainable living, independent of governments and banks, to implement humanitarian programs.

We are on the verge of new energy technologies amid a
massive infusion of the key ingredient – freedom.

Currently we are working on sharing solutions to create great sustainable living for individuals as well as making a global transformation based on community building & self-sustainability.

How sustainable is your inner life?


Living off the grid can be such an ideal dream for most of us. But before one can live a truly ideal self sustainable lifestyle and become a good caretaker of the Earth, one must first become caretakers of our inner selves. To be self-sustainable means to be both environmentally and socially aware. A sustainable lifestyle can only germinate within the individual, only to sprout and grow out towards family, community, region, and the Earth.

Each of us must learn to heal ourselves before attempting to heal the world. Nurturing our mind, body, and spirit is essential so we can become whole and manifest using our fullest positive potential.

To Do List for beginning the re-construction of our own lives:

  1. Find the best nutrients for your own body. The initial search for the ideal food for your body will open the floodgates of information about how to avoid GMO foods and finding/growing your own ideal foods. This is not only for survival but to live as a fully nourished and powerful individual.
  2. Stop the rampant consumerism! Aside from your basic physical needs, what do you really need in your life to feel at balance? What brings you happiness? Is it through contribution, or being listened to, or being intellectually challenged, or feeling connected with others? What are you doing in you life to get these needs met?”
  3. What are the major energy drains in your life? Make a list of all the people, places and things that leave you feeling worn down and drained. Make an agenda and next to each issue, make a note to either:

Act on it

Throw it away

Work through to resolve it

Accept it

Once you’ve created this list, check off each issue one at a time as it resolves. This is a great long term plan in order to help reduce the energy drainers in your life and invite the energy enhancer’s.

Remember the most important saying, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

But in many situations we first need to “do unto ourselves what we wish to do for others.”
Because we can’t give what we don’t have!
If we’re run down and spiritually and physically drained, we can’t be our best to help our family, our community, or the Earth.

Having a sustainable life requires a well nourish soul and an overflowing heart.


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