Homemade Wind Turbines Is It Possible To Build Your Own Wind Generators?


Notice some of your neighbors setting up a few windmills at their gardens or backyard and wonder why they look so different from the usual ones you see at the highways sometimes? Well, these are homemade windmills or wind turbines not unlike the rows and rows of professionally built wind turbines along the highways.

But they do the job just as well, if set up correctly and given the correct conditions.

Your neighbors are smart early adopters of wind energy, one of the rare forms of Free energy mother nature has accorded us since the beginning of time. By building your own wind turbines or generators, you could effectively save up to 80 percent on your usual monthly utility bills, throughout the lifespan of the wind generators and each DIY wind turbine costs less than 100 dollars.

Key to the success of your homemade windmills is wind speed. Locating your windmills within the wind path is critical and you need to ensure that it has a consistent wind speed of at least 9 miles per hour in order that the wind power collected is better optimised for energy conversion. The wind will force the blades to either generate power directly or enable storage in a battery for future use. In times of storms, you could even collapse the blades so that they are not caught in strong winds.

How high, long, the pitch angle and number of your blades determine the speed of your wind turbine. In most instances, you need to raise the height in order that you catch the wind path optimally. The dimensions of your blade and the pitch angle are a built base on the expected wind speed. For smaller systems you can tap the wind power to draw water as the larger ones to power your home appliances. Excess energy generated by the system is stored in batteries and you can either use an inverter to convert the energy into 110V for the appliances or connect directly to the battery source with 12V and 24V appliances.

To get a good start on your green project, search online for a good instruction manuals, some of which comes with designs diagrams too. The better and more comprehensive ones have step by step videos showing you how to build your wind turbines, Free access to member forums as well as free lifetime updates. If you think that this would be expensive, think again, as it is priced less than a good meal.

All these could be accomplished over a weekend of fun and education for your entire family and you would be good to go at about 4 to 5 wind turbines. In fact, you could start saving 80 percent of your utility bills as soon as Monday. So Get smart now!

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