Mobile home – EBS block-expandable building system block

EBS Block is a modular, prefabricated, fully functional portable house.The single storey property is 6 metres long x 8…

Posted by EBS Block on Sunday, February 15, 2015

Floor plan (m²) 46
Lounge 11
Kitchen 6
Dining 6
Bed 1 9
Bed 2 6
Bath 4
Porch 3

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Surviving Off Off-Grid

Surviving Off Off-Grid

"Read this book if you have ever thought there is more to life than working, tv and shopping"….
You've probably read plenty of books that tell you how to survive off the grid. This book doesn't have a misprint in the title. It teaches you why you should be getting on with surviving off "off-grid". In other words, a whole lot less dependant. Off-grid living focuses on such things as using technology to produce electricity (perhaps wind or photovoltaic cells) Off-off-grid living would pose the question "How can I thrive without electricity?". This book doesn't describe the backwoodsman skills you might employ to eke out an existence as a hunter gatherer. Rather, it lays out a belief system that is as old as humankind, but largely forgotton in the western world of grid-connected luxury

Western Society is in confusion, the industrial world is teetering on collapse, and it looks like things could get worse. Agrarian Blogger, historian, and "plain" preacher Michael Bunker has been living off of the grid for many years, and he has some advice for those living in the industrial/consumerist economy …living an off off-grid life is achievable. It has been done for thousands of years, and it can be done today… It is quite possible that many people who have relied on a failing system for their means of survival will very soon find that they have made a mistake of historic proportions. Historic, because every major "classical" culture went down the same road our society is on today. This book is about the lessons we should have learned, and what you can do to survive what history tells us must come next.: Decolonizing the Industrial Mind.

Surviving Off Off-Grid | Living off the Grid






Author: Max Stanford
Max Stanford writes for World Wide Power Products, retailers of diesel generators and other power generation equipment. | Cabana Rest House 2 by MALIZ ONG


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