Sustainable Living

"Sustainable Living"
Sometimes the “ideal life” is not ideal enough.


father_and_son_enjoy_a_leisurely_afternoon_of_birdwatchingWhether one chooses to live in seclusion or in the midst of the social paradise, either lifestyle can, not only be conflicting, but also restricting in environmental needs. For the time being, most of us have a choice. If we can cooperate with each other, while also accommodating everyone’s necessities, we can begin the restructure and rehabilitation of international balance and agreements.

Let us all enjoy and share the bounty of God’s gifts, while also replenishing the sacred balance of our Mother, Earth.

Whether we like it or not, we’re all in this together and are dependent on each other in one form or another. As far as what is still remaining in nature, nature itself is codependent.

Nature is not completely peaceful, but there is a natural balance. And, again, this is key.

The concept that all is one and we are all a collective consciousness is very debatable considering the lack of cooperation between levels of consciousness thus far in our history. We cannot suddenly expect peace and balance to spring up one morning and all be well with the world. We cannot even expect this peace to emerge within our own children’s lifetimes. We can, however, take the crucial actions needed to be the ultimate teachers for the following generations. Teachers we already are, whether we choose to be or not. We are teaching the next generation one way or another, choosing their path between a flourishing life or a final form of slavery and death of our species.

We take action on life’s eternal mission everyday and most of us are not even aware of it.

So let us all spring fourth in this adventure of life and keep growing to see this precious Earth flourish.

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