This Back Pack Could Power Your Laptop For A Couple of Months!


MetAir Portable Power Systems: Reliable Backup Power When and Where You Need it Most. Keep Your Emergency Communications and Portable Electronic Devices Charged for Days, So You Can Stay Connected and Informed When Power Lines Are Down.

You may have seen the Kickstarter release of the Met Air Solstice recently.  It has a little 2.2 pound batter pack inside that is exchangeable and provides as much juice as up to 90 D-Cell Alkaline batteries.  The gadget guys at Met Air gave me a chance to bring one home to try it out.  So far I've charged up my Galaxy V at least nine times, and it's still going strong!  That's on a little 2.2 pound battery pack, and I keep using it for a flashlight at night.  And it has two ports to charge two phones at once which I really like.  

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